“Varietas delectat… Complexity is the new normality”
Industry 4.0 and Diversity in Engineering Education


The focus of SEFI conferences is Engineering Education (EE) and the Annual Conference 2019 will be dedicated to the complex nature of today’s engineering education. Roles and expectations for universities keep on changing in the 21st century whilst the mission of science, engineering and higher education remains substantial. Stakeholders expect academia to better promote innovation, reform the knowledge economy, and manage vastly altered student populations.

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Conference themes in 2019 include (but are not limited to):
• Integrated learning environments for the digital native learners
• Talent management
• Open and online teaching and learning
• Gender, inclusion and ethics
• Impacts of demographics in tertiary education
• Lifelong learning
• New notions of interdisciplinarity in EE
• Network Capital
• 4th Industrial Revolution
• Diversity in Engineering Education
• Strong demand for democratic involvement in educational processes
• How to detect and attract talents with new generations of learning technologies and networks?
• New Complexity quest in engineering sciences
• Sustainability reflecting the complexity of modern society
• Fundaments of EE: mathematics and physics

Submission formats

You may submit an abstract in ConfTool for the following submission types
  • Concept paper: Full papers, which present scholarly work within the field of Engineering Education. Author(s) may submit studies of practice and work-in-progress projects.
  • Research paper: Full papers, which follow the standards for good research practice in Engineering Education Research (EER). Author(s) may submit original studies and research projects within EER.
  • Workshop (90 min): In-depth training or learning experiences. Participants are asked to pre-register for a workshop, which means workshops must offer participants a recognisable ‘product’ that provides them with enhanced knowledge and skills, documents and information. The learning outcomes and the interactivity component of the workshop must be clearly defined. A typical workshop duration is 90 minutes.
Important dates 2019

Abstract submission 05 Mar 2019
Feedback on Abstracts 12 Mar 2019
Full paper submission 30 Apr 2019
Notification of final acceptance 22 Jun 2019
Early Bird registration 17 Jul 2019
Final paper submission 06 Aug 2019

We look forward to welcoming you at the Budapest University
of Technology and Economics in September 2019!
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